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Vista4sale is a Vista local website celebrating the local entrepreneur in Small Business America.  Our commitment is to support and promote Vista Local business owners and the business they represent.  Connecting with community leaders to collaborate and share knowledge that can inspire and impart constructive progress.  A “Connecting Vista” can be a force for growth, change and opportunity within the community.  Support Small Business America and support all things Vista Local. 

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Senior Housing Strategy in Retirement Planning

Senior Housing Strategy in Retirement Planning Is it time to consider your Senior Housing Strategy for retirement. One person's time is not another's. That may be a short answer but the time to consider a housing transition can be based on current level of activity, privacy, independence, safety along with anticipated level of necessary health care. How can a Senior Real Estate Specialist help? A specialist can provide insight and [...]

PaWaBunga – Dog Surfing

Renaissance Fair

Reverse Retirement

Reverse Retirement Reverse Retirement strategy is in the air.  The acceptance of utilizing a reverse mortgage in retirement strategy is entering the realm of financial advisors and planners of the mainstream.  Where previously looked upon and financial tool of last resort it is now being touted as a tool of long term resort. The perception is changing along with the understanding that it can play in one's retirement strategy.  There are a number of [...]

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